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We know how serious cyclists can be about coffee. The smell of finely roasted beans can elicit as sense of warmth and get the mouth watering. Truth be told, we assume non-drinkers get that feeling too!

For many CycleHosts fans, you would be aware of the abundance of great cycling around the Macedon Ranges and Spa Country area North of Melbourne. The short 50 minute drive or V-Line train to the region makes it very accessible for Melbourne folk.

The region is also well regarded for the food, wine, art and local history. With fine places like Martin St Coffee Roastery, it’s also well known for coffee.

The story of Martin St starts with Simon D and Simon G. They were sipping coffee one day when they were struck with the idea to create a coffee roasting machine. LIVE ROAST become the name of the system where cafes could roast beans in their own facility. The original idea has since blossomed into a thriving business, with a head office in Melbourne and local cafe and coffee roasting in Blackwood.

Simon and Simon are representative of a lot of creative and savvy folk in the area. The beauty of the region seems to draw in those who choose to live here. With cycling so good in the region, we’re contemplating a shift to the area ourselves.

These are the types of stories we love to unfold as part of our CycleHosts rides. That we get to ride around Blackwood and then stop at Martin St for a coffee, brings an added element to the ride.

If you do find yourself riding around the area, be sure to say hello to Simon and Simon. It pays to book on weekends as well – you can do that here.


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Martin St Coffee Roasters

Martin St Coffee Roasters